Free Tool Analysis Bookmap (save usd150)

Gain real-time order flow insight using the fully configurable limit order book (COB) and depth of market (DOM) For Gold (XAUUSD)

Watch how the market evolves and reacts over time. “Tell the story” of recent price action with historic liquidity data.

Identify incoming market volume, and watch absorption and exhaustion unfold to spot reversals before they happen.

Tradingview (Premium)

Highest precision and maximum data to capture all possible opportunities

The combination of these two sources will give you more confidence to trade

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berminat sebagai IB weltrade?
Weltrade menawarkan pembayaran komisyen sehingga 85% Per lot
Contoh komisyen 20 USD per lot jika client anda trade Gold

Kami juga menyediakan content pemasaran untuk anda kongsi kepada pelanggan serta team Support Malaysia yang akan membantu anda dan client jika ada sebarang masaalah

Kami juga sediakan Team support telegram untuk sebarang pertanyaan dn masalah di
Juga menyediakan Analisa dan signal harian melalui

get daily analisys on Forex Crypto Gold Oil

bagi yang berminat ingin membuka akaun di weltrade boleh melalui pautan di bawah

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