Get your $500 Bonus Superforex

Get your $500 Bonus
SuperForex always tries taking care of the company’s customers. We recognised the Easy Deposit Bonus as being very popular among our traders. That’s why we upgraded it to offer you even more value for your money.
Thus, we developed the 2021% Easy Deposit Bonus. This bonus amounts to the stunning 2021% of the deposit you choose to make. With an insignificant deposit sum such as $10 you can get a full $202 to trade with, allowing you to operate with a much greater volume than your deposit would normally allow.
By funding your account with an amount from $1 you can get 2021% extra, up to $505 in total. Moreover, the profit derived from the Easy Deposit Bonus can be withdrawn. The amount of withdrawable profit is calculated by the formula: amount of the deposit * 200%.
By making one more deposit you can increase the amount of withdrawable profit twice.

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