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We are thrilled to announce that our No Deposit Bonus just got even better!According to the new conditions, the amount of the first No Deposit Bonus each client can claim will be $88 (up from $50 previously).
This initial bonus can be claimed without any investment, as the name suggests.SuperForex customers are also eligible to receive a second bonus if they make a deposit of $10 or more after they claimed their first No Deposit Bonus.
This second bonus has been increased to $99 (instead of $50).One other condition regarding the Super No Deposit Bonus has changed: the account leverage must be 1:100 or lower.
Thanks to the new conditions of the Super No Deposit Bonus, our customers can get more trading funds for free.👉 You can apply for the Super No Deposit Bonus here: superforex.com/no-deposit-bonus

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